Subb-an On... Staying healthy, Travel, Relaxing & Smoothies


"On the weekend I do and eat what I want but during the week I try and go to the gym at least a couple of times. I'm very much a morning person, I get up at seven or eight, go to the gym and then I get in the studio. I have a daily ritual where I have to have this nice, healthy smoothie, I have one every single day. Sometimes I'll put spinach, half an avocado, maybe a dash of Spirulina and a bit of coconut water. If it's in the morning I'll make a breakfast smoothie with almond milk, oats and banana, and blend it up with some ice.

In the evening I like to have a juice, so maybe a nice raw beetroot juice, with a bit of celery, a lot of ginger a little splash of apple. Itt astes amazing."



"One of the most exciting things about this job is getting to explore new places, and having the opportunity to play my records and meet people who want to hear what I'm doing, it's an honour.

I've got a lot coming up, I'm playing at a few new places I've never been. One of the places I'm most excited to play is South Africa, I have two dates down there, and I really can't wait because it's been one of those places I've wanted to go for years, and it includes a safari so that's going to be great.

I'm going to be back over in Australia with Sasha in November, I have a Fabric event at the end of this month, and I'll be in Taipei and Singapore for some DJ sets as well, so I'm quite spread out."



"If I'm not making my Smooth-an smoothies or working I'm probably sleeping in or at an airport, or just chilling and watching films and TV with my girlfriend. At the moment I'm really into House of Cards and it's getting really juicy. I know it sounds like a cliché but I love to just chill out and watch films, although my girlfriend always falls asleep before the end.

I also spend a lot of time texting my sisters, which can be hard work because there's four of them plus my mother. If I start texting one sister and I'll get a message from another asking why I'm not chatting her as well, so I have to manage my family, and then a girlfriend, it's a tough life!"



Breakfast Power Sub-Smoothie

Oats, banana, 1/2avocado, flax seeds. chiaseeds, almondmilk, ice

"Green to be Mean Sub-Smoothie" aka The Bad Boy

Blend as a smoothie or can be juiced, I tend to do a mixture spinach, celery, apple, spirulina, coconut water and a squeeze of lemon.


Catch Subb-an play Fabric Room 1 (London) on 27th October.




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