Subb-an On... Ibiza, Playing live, Essential Mix & Promoting Success


"This season's been good - I've had a villa in the centre of the Island. It's a really good location, not too far from the airport, but also it's not too far from DC1O, or Amnesia and all of those spots and also the beaches as well, there's some cool beaches in the area, so that's where it all goes down.

Recent highlights for me have been a really cool boat party with Ibiza Sonica and BE-AT.TV, and I played Circo Loco at DC1O - the Terrace has to be one of my favourite places to play. I'm a bit gutted I actually haven't had a chance to check the island out, it's such a beautiful place and I've been caught up in the partying this summer.The only thing with Ibiza is you go there with the intention to chill but before you know it you're back on the plane again after a week of partying."

Favourite Restaurant - Fish Shack.



"I've had a big break from playing live but have revisited it as I've got lot of my own music to work with now. It's wicked being able to see the music I make put together in the way I wanted, in an environment where the people appreciate it. A live show is a really personal thing and it's hard if the vibe doesn't work, so it ha sto be the right crowd and atmosphere, but when it is right it's amazing.

The Social Festival has been one of the highlights of the summer, in that the crowd were really buzzing off it. Playing live needs you to put a lot more planning into it - a live show demands you to be completely absorbed in it rather than just dancing around and entertaining the crowd."



"When I was younger I used to stay up and listen to the Essential Mix because that was the only way for me to find new music. Where some DJs have a playlist in their mind for if and when they get the chance to play a set at DC1O or Fabric I always had a list of what I'd play in my Essential Mix. I ended up with a playlist on my iTunes for about four years, and I'd top it up and add new tracks.

I wanted to have tracks that had inspired me but also that would inspire someone else who was in a similar situations to me when I used to listen to Essential Mixes, so it was important to have a combination of what got me into music, where I am now as an artist, but it also had to be fun and have that party vibe. I remember when Jamie (Jones) did his Essential Mix, I found music I'd never heard before and looked it up, and I wanted people to take notice of what I was playing just like he did. It had to be a combination of stuff that's accessible in the right way, but it had to be good quality music. It was a big project."




"We've been running Below for about ten years, which has been amazing.

Back when it started, there were hardly any Sunday parties apart from SecretSundaze. Adam Shelton and Lee McDonald started Below in Birmingham ten years ago after after having a few seasons in Ibiza and a big group of friends. I stepped in after Adam checked a few of my tracks out and offered me a set and since then it's been an organic relationship. Adam's one of my best friends now, we have the label together, One Records, and Below has been a really successful night over those ten years. I moved into The Rainbow where Below is held and Adam and I lived upstairs. It was probably two of the best years of my life living at the pub. It was hectic; we'd be on it every night partying."



"If I were to give inspiration and advice to anyone who wanted to make it as a DJ, it would be to never compare yourself to anyone else, just do your own thing and never compromise yourself. Because that way if you make it, you know you've made it on your own terms, and if you don't at least you stayed true to yourself as an artist.

Nowadays everyone can be a DJ if they want to be and everyone can produce a track if they want to. People see someone on stage, and of course that's the best part but that there's so much other stuff that goes on and it's hard work.

If you're committed you have to give everything up, put everything you have into it, which is something I recommend doing whether you want to be a DJ or a Tennis player or a footballer. I had an apprenticeship at Jaguar but I decided to study music so I spent my entire student loan on equipment and just went for it. It is one of the best jobs in the world but on the other hand it is quite heavy."




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