DMC World Magazine Interview

The tune of the summer

This has so much energy and is so classy at the same time. The arrangement, the sound, the kick, the bass, the percussion. As you can tell I love this record!

Club night of the summer

DC10 Circo Loco

Is Ibiza too VIP nowadays, has it lost it's magic?

Depends where you go. Forget the clubs and discover the island and you will feel the magic surrounds you

Your favourite memory of Ibiza 2014

My most recent set on the terrace for Circo Loco. Everything was just right that day. I was in it. I love it when it works like that

Your DJ of the summer

Mr Craig Richards. He always amazes me as a DJ. A true selector and flawless DJ through my eyes. His sunrise set in Croatia the The Garden Festival was very special. As amazing as some DJ sets can be it can be rare that they stick in your memory, I can remember every last second of Craig's set in Croatia. I felt I was getting schooled ten years ago when I was 17 at Fabric but I am still certainly getting schooled now by Craig. A true pioneer!




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